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Zylon is the self-contained AI solution that runs within your infrastructure, ensuring data ownership and compliance.

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All-in-One AI workspace
designed for the enterprise

100% Private

Deployed on-premises or in your private cloud, ensuring your data remains fully secure within your infrastructure.

Data Governance

Maintain full sovereignty over your data, ensuring compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, and region-specific requirements.

Fully Managed

Effortless deployment, seamless integration, expert support, and continuous updates keep your AI workspace cutting-edge.

Secure AI adoption

Your teams are likely already using AI tools like ChatGPT, risking data breaches and compliance issues.

Embrace the power of AI without compromising on security.

Incorporate Zylon to boost your teams while ensuring your data stays 100% secure within your infrastructure. With Zylon, achieve peace of mind knowing that sensitive information remains protected and under your control, enhancing productivity without sacrificing security.

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On-prem and private cloud support
Air-gapped ready
Cost-effective internal LLMs
Role-based Access Control (RBAC)
Out-of-the-box advanced AI workflows
Novel UX for everyone

End-to-End solution

Zylon's integrated solution eliminates the complexities of designing, developing, and maintaining an internal AI application.

Behind the scenes, Zylon makes use of curated AI models that operate within your infrastructure, ensuring data sovereignty and cost-efficient execution. Alongside these models, Zylon includes a simple-to-use user interface providing access to advanced AI-powered workflows and interactions.

Start leveraging AI today without requiring specialized AI knowledge within your team.

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Enterprise centric

Zylon is purpose-built for enterprise environments, offering a comprehensive suite of features designed to optimize your internal workflows.

From seamless project organization and integration with diverse data sources to role-based access controls, advanced analytics capabilities, and robust history tracking with audit logs, Zylon ensures scalability, security, and operational efficiency.

Empower your organization with a trusted AI solution that meets the complex demands of modern enterprises.

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AI collaboration with Zylon
Zylon Founders (Iván Martínez Toro and Daniel Gallego Vico)

Trusted partner

Zylon is developed by the creators of PrivateGPT, the leading open-source project in Private GenAI with over 50K GitHub stars, ensuring state-of-the-art privacy technologies for unmatched security and confidentiality in your AI applications.

Additionally, strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Nvidia and AWS enhance Zylon's capabilities with cutting-edge hardware and cloud infrastructure, boosting performance and scalability.

Moreover, a significant $3.2M pre-seed investment from Felicis Ventures accelerates Zylon's innovation and expands its technological capabilities, supporting the delivery of advanced AI solutions tailored for modern enterprises.

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Other GenAI Products
Your data
Stays within your system
Exposed to 3rd parties
Your knowledge
Never used for training purposes
May be used to train models
Data breach
Sandboxed or Air Gapped
Exposed to data breach
Data privacy
Your data is only accessible to you
Risk of being leaked
Fully compliant
Non compliant


How does Zylon work?

Zylon is an on-premise alternative to AI tools like ChatGPT that runs on your data center or local (air-gapped) server behind your firewall.  This empowers our customers to leverage Large Language Models (LLMs) confidently, even when working with sensitive and proprietary information under heavy regulations.

Zylon leverages the technology we created for PrivateGPT, the worldwide reference open-source project for Privacy in GenAI that proved feasible to run a fully local execution of a ChatGPT-like experience without Internet connection.

Why paying for Zylon instead of using PrivateGPT?

PrivateGPT provides an API containing all the building blocks required to build private, context-aware AI applications. Since we launched it in May 2023, the project has created a community of 52k+ people on GitHub and 4.5k+ contributors on Discord, but the project is designed to be used by developers, hence it’s not an end-to-end product.

Zylon has been built on top of PrivateGPT, complying with enterprise-grade security standards, to provide a versatile, end-to-end solution for data-sensitive organizations wanting to incorporate the power of AI.

What are the advantages of an On-Premise system versus a SaaS one?

Unlike other AI software that requires sending sensitive data over the internet, Zylon runs on-premise, keeping data private and usable even where ChatGPT-like tools are banned. On-premise and private cloud deployments allow data-sensitive companies and those in regulated industries to adopt AI.

What kind of data Zylon works with?

Zylon let’s you connect to your usual data sources, upload files and create new content within the tool. Any piece of data connected to Zylon fully remains in your system.

Can I try it out before making a commitment?

Yes, we'd love to learn more about your use case and help you test the right solution for it: from our Sandbox environment to setting up a pilot project.

How can I integrate Zylon in my company?

Zylon can be seamlessly integrated with most setups: form private clouds to data centers. Our solution architects will work hand in hand with your IT team to get it done in a matter of days.

Do you offer a dedicated tech team to implement your solution?

Zylon implementation process is simple and streamlined. Our solutions architects will support you with the tools, knowledge and follow ups ensuring a seamless integration process.

What am I paying for?

Companies using Zylon find a quick return on investment coming from the operational optimization brought by the use of AI in daily processes.

Zylon abstracts the technical complexities of creating, deploying and running a fully private AI workspace. You are paying for your own private, end-to-end, state-of-the-art collaborative AI workplace, an saving the money and resources required to develop and maintain an in-house AI implementation.

Will Zylon be updated periodically? How often and what is the process to do so?

Zylon will incorporate improvements both on its application layer -more and better workflows and functionalities- and on its LLM layer, keeping your AI workspace up-to-date with the latest available technologies. Never get outdated in this fast-paced space.

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AI that works with you

Streamline Reporting

Healthcare professionals deal with the hassle of sorting through unstructured data like test results and medical records.

Zylon aggregates information seamlessly, generating concise and accurate reports. This allows professionals to refocus on patient care.

Zylon for healthcare

Optimize Daily Routines

Fact retrieval and document generation are time-consuming tasks with strict data privacy requirements.

Zylon simplifies data gathering and document creation, ensuring compliance and enhancing decision-making.

Zylon legal and finance example

Conquer the Unknown

Standing out in a dynamic and competitive market, where global and local trends shift rapidly, poses a significant challenge.

Zylon actively monitors your competitors, market positioning, and internal sales data, offering strategic insights for success.

Zylon for sales and growth

Leverage Your Know-How

Capturing valuable insights from past projects can be challenging, given that information is typically unstructured and distributed.
Zylon efficiently sifts through company data, delivering actionable insights before and during projects.

Zylon for project management

Explore Data Effortlessly

Discovering and processing the latest information in a domain is no small task.

Zylon scans data sources for new publications, generating concise summaries with direct source links. Think of it as your extra hand in staying updated.

Zylon for research and education

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