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Meet Zylon - an intuitive, private AI collaborator that understands your business and empowers your teams.  
Zylon can proactively execute tasks, collaborate with employees, and bring new expertise to any project.

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Meet the newest asset to your team


Bring the power of AI to your business in a 100% secured and controlled environment. Your data is only accessible to you.


Designed to fit every role and industry. Get the most out of AI without requiring tech or prompt engineering skills.


Zylon understands the "what, when and why" of your business to proactively execute and innovate without your input.


Gather your team and work together in workspaces designed to foster collaboration and creativity towards a common goal.

Your private AI

Founded by the creators of PrivateGPT, a prominent open-source project pioneering AI privacy with 47k+ GitHub stars, Zylon is built with security and privacy at its core.

Complying with enterprise-grade security standards, Zylon is a versatile solution for every business.

Zylon keeps your data secure by only using curated, open-source models hosted internally. Your data always stays within the platform and is never used for training purposes.

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LLM models hosted in a private cloud
SOC II certified
Data encryption at rest and in transit
Role-based Access Control (RBAC)
SaaS and On-premise solutions
Novel UX for everyone

For everyone

Simplify complex business tasks, access new knowledge and generate content for different areas of your business with just a few clicks.

Zylon delivers a consistent and explicit set of AI-powered features that remove the need of technical or prompt engineering skills.

With Zylon, every interaction is predictable and straightforward, making it a seamless and intuitive tool for a variety of tasks across different industries.

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Working 24/7

Optimize business processes and enhance decision-making through practical, timely insights and context-driven suggestions.

Zylon efficiently processes your company data and objectives, adapting to your specific context to autonomously carry out AI-powered actions that streamline task completion.

Even in your absence, Zylon diligently continues working to accomplish the job at hand.

Proactive recommendations
AI collaboration with Zylon

Part of your team

Elevate your team's efficiency and achieve shared objectives with the help of Zylon.

Simplify AI adoption across your entire team, gaining valuable skills by observing how others get the most out of Zylon's capabilities.

Collaborate seamlessly with Zylon to accomplish tasks as a team while maintaining control over data access. Effortlessly share insights within your organization, fostering a collaborative and informed work environment.

AI that works with you

Streamline Reporting

Healthcare professionals deal with the hassle of sorting through unstructured data like test results and medical records.

Zylon aggregates information seamlessly, generating concise and accurate reports. This allows professionals to refocus on patient care.

Zylon for healthcare

Optimize Daily Routines

Fact retrieval and document generation are time-consuming tasks with strict data privacy requirements.

Zylon simplifies data gathering and document creation, ensuring compliance and enhancing decision-making.

Zylon legal and finance example

Conquer the Unknown

Standing out in a dynamic and competitive market, where global and local trends shift rapidly, poses a significant challenge.

Zylon actively monitors your competitors, market positioning, and internal sales data, offering strategic insights for success.

Zylon for sales and growth

Leverage Your Know-How

Capturing valuable insights from past projects can be challenging, given that information is typically unstructured and distributed.
Zylon efficiently sifts through company data, delivering actionable insights before and during projects.

Zylon for project management

Explore Data Effortlessly

Discovering and processing the latest information in a domain is no small task.

Zylon scans data sources for new publications, generating concise summaries with direct source links. Think of it as your extra hand in staying updated.

Zylon for research and education

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