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Zylon is built over PrivateGPT - a popular open source project that enables users and businesses to leverage the power of LLMs in a 100% private and secure environment.

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Two projects, one team, one story

MAY 2023

Bringing privacy to Generative AI

A novel approach and open-source project is born: Private GPT - a fully local and private ChatGPT-like tool that would rapidly became a go-to for privacy-sensitive and locally-focused generative AI projects.


Privacy was just the beginning

PrivateGPT becomes a production-ready framework offering contextual-aware Generative AI primitives like document ingestion and contextual completions through a new API.
While it offered a viable solution to the privacy challenge, usability was still a major blocking point for AI adoption in workplaces. Most companies lacked the expertises to properly train and prompt AI tools to add value.

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Zylon x PrivateGPT:
A perfect match

Enter Zylon - the AI collaborator for every workplace, designed to tackle the three main hurdles to AI adoption: privacy, context-awareness and user experience.

PrivateGPT fuels Zylon at its core and is maintained and upgrated by our team, alongside the Open Source community. While any developer can build AI applications and experiences on top of PrivateGPT, Zylon encapsulates our vision for how AI products should be built for mass workplace adoption.

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PrivateGPT - this is sick!

I've always had people asking me if it was feasible to use @LangChainAI with open source models, and my answer was "at the moment, not really..."

but @PrivateGPT_AI did it! this is a huge step forward
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Harrison Chase (LangChain CEO)

Check out @PrivateGPT_AI

Lets you easily spin up a RAG pipeline as a  prod-ready API +  in a fully local manner. 

Works out of the box, directly tackles enterprise needs around privacy.

Query it similar to the @OpenAI API, or use as a @Gradio app!
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@qdrant_engine X @PrivateGPT_AI  

With PrivateGPT, you can build context-aware AI apps based on your documents using Large Language Models (LLMs), even without an Internet connection. 100% private. Your data never leaves your environment .
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Putting AI at the service of people and better workplaces.