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Zylon augments companies workforce without requiring AI technical expertise or risking their data, and provides professionals with innovative tools to excel at what they do.

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Zylon Founders (Iván Martínez Toro and Daniel Gallego Vico)

Founded by the creators of PrivateGPT

Zylon was founded on a mission to help users and companies to leverage the power of AI, while giving them full privacy and control over their data.

Zylon is built over PrivateGPT - a popular, open-source project that leverages the power of Generative AI in a 100% safe and secure environment. PrivateGPT enables users to interact with private documents and heterogeneous data sources, while ensuring that the data never leaves the company environment.

Meet the Team

We’re a team of product engineers applying a customer-centric approach to enable any workplace to leverage the potentials of AI.

Ivan Martinez Toro

Co-founder & CEO

Original author of PrivateGPT, he understands the nuances of bringing privacy to Al due to his experience as CTO of Ontruck ($60M raised startup) where he acquired extensive experience on applying Al and ML to process optimization SaaS.

Daniel Gallego Vico

Co-founder & CPTO

With a PhD in Proactive Context-aware Recommender Systems, he brings deep engineering expertise as a former Software Development Manager at Amazon, where he built teams and delivered impactful products at global scale.

Pablo Orgaz Glez Carpio

Principal Engineer

A seasoned Software Engineer always thriving in the startup landscape (RubiconMD, Cabify, Glovo, Job&Talent). He spearheaded the development of mobile, web and backend products across various domains, including GenAI.

Pablo Oliva Vallecillo

UX Researcher

Leveraging his Master’s Degree in Psychology with specialization in UX, he forged his career as a Learning Experience Designer successfully contributing to understand the customers of digital products for companies such as Telefonica, Iberia and Repsol.

David Diaz Vallejo

UX/UI Designer

Combining his Art Director background with his Behavioral and Design Thinking expertise, he crafted the experience of financial products (Nextep Finance, BancaMarch) and software solutions for multinational tech companies like Amadeus.

Francisco Garcia Meseguer

Sr. Frontend Engineer

A tenured Software Engineer who provides experience architecting and developing web products across different companies like Finetwork and Job&Talent, while successfully contributing to open source React-related projects.

Francisco Garcia Sierra

Fullstack Engineer

Harnessing a diverse technical background, he has contributed to products spanning mobile devices, IoT, wearables, 3D printing, Crypto services and Telco apps. His expertise brings forth a profound understanding of crafting high-quality software projects.

Javier Martinez Alvarez

AI Product Engineer

As an early adopter of GenAI technology, he led the development of AI-powered features for cargo operations at Freightol. This background provides him with hands-on experience in designing, building, and deploying AI systems in production.

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